Whin I was about to start my composition,hundreds of thoundands of sessions emerged in my mind.

I think my proudest thing is to chase a girl with three refusals and now still keep going.

It may be miserable to most people;

However,I learned much in this process.

Thanks to her "test",I could determine my mind from time to time.

And understand how to treat a girl with respectas well as know what girls are thinking.

In the process,I got the motivation from her to study harder and, when I feel depressedand was about to give up, she always can give me spiritual cure.

     However,when it comes to graduation,I think the most mournful thing is that she may enter a southern university while I would like to enter NCCU.

What a regretful end!

But I think I had eQuipped enough courage to face our end.

Even if we finally become two strangers, I will not sad.

Because, to me,these three years senior high school life is fruitful.

That's enough...

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