If I could invent something,I would invent a "Handy Phone".

What's Handy Phone? 

It's a pair of glove with mini microphone and flexible screen and sensor key-board.

It only weigh 20g and it's smooth so that you don't feel you are wearing it.

When you are meeting a customer, you just need to touch his or her fingers who also wearing it.

Then both of you got each other's phone number and E-mail address!

What's more,It's water-proof.

And it has bluetooth in its inner system,you just wear a bluetooth earphone,then you can listen music you've instilled in it!

     I usually bring an MP3 player,a cell phone and a digital camera with me.

How heavy they are!

If they could contribute in one or,make them a pair of glove,what a lovely world it would be!

This would protect my hands from dirty materials I may touched.

On the other hand,If one can answer the phone by his "hand",it must be extremely cool!!



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